Welcome to the Jake Jaunt!

Jake Riter loved the river, and this event honors that love.

We shared it with him.

The second annual Jake Jaunt will take place on the Missouri National Recreational River.

It starts in historic Yankton, S.D., and it wraps up at Clay County Park boat ramp near Vermillion, S.D.

The total paddling distance is about 25 miles.

We're happy to announce we'll be hosting you for it July 20, 2024.

Registration Information

• The cost for participation is $36 for each person.
• The entry fee covers insurance, T-shirts, finisher medals and a few top prizes for the fastest finishers. 

• NEW! ** Complete your insurance waiver online now! ** NEW

• All non-motorized craft are welcomed to take part.

• The finish will include a meal and beverages. Tickets for these will be available at the finish at an affordable price.

• Fellowship among the paddlers at the end will be a big focus of our event.

Check out the roster for 2024.

The Course

• The event will start with all paddlers on the water upriver of the dock at Riverside Park boat ramp, Yankton, SD.

•Paddlers then will head down river to the boat ramp at Clay County Park near Vermillion, SD.
•Safety teams, including motorized boats, will help ensure paddlers have no issues with the route.

• Look at these images for details on the route:

Part 1

Part 2

• Here are images with more details of the route:

Closeup of the starting area

Start overview with parking

Approaching Goat Island Explainer

Approach to the dock at our finish

Closeup of the finish area

• The event doesn’t include any formal checkpoints, there are many places along the route where paddlers can get food, water or other support.  
• This stretch of the Missouri was one of Jake’s favorites. In fact, you’ll paddle next to an island that was once named Jake’s Island.
• The route also crosses the beautiful James/Missouri river confluence. 

The Schedule

Saturday, July 20

•7 a.m., staging begins at Riverside Park boat ramp, Yankton, S.D.

•7:05-8:45 a.m., staging continues, with coffee and snacks.

• 8:45 a.m., call for event start.

• 9 a.m., event begins.

• 6 p.m., event ends.

Paddlers can sprint, float or some combination of the two until they reach the finish at Clay County Park boat ramp. You have a good nine hours to finish the 25 miles, and typical recreational speeds are 3 mph.

Your Personal Pace

No one is required to “go slow." If you want to race the Jake Jaunt, have at it!

Jake liked going fast, so feel free to shoot for speed. 

As participants finish, they can take part in the celebration at Clay County Park, where food, beverage and fellowship will take place. There's a nearby campground. Motels and hotels in nearby Vermillion also are available. 

Everyone who finishes gets a medal; we’ll also spotlight the top finishers among men, women and perhaps tandems/singles.

We’ll keep it quite simple.

The Reason Why

This event is a good way to remember our friend, Jake Riter.

He was a South Dakota paddler, and he helped many people intimately experience river celebrations. Jake died at 36, and his legacy lives on in those of us who keep paddling and remembering that life is for living.

He would want us to have fun, perhaps enjoy a BV diet when we're done and laugh as much as we can during this jaunt that has his name.  

NEW! You now can book camping at sites close to the route (we're less than 90 days out). Learn more about sites like Clay County Park and those around the Yankton area.

We hope to raise money to create some long-lasting memorial on the river to honor him.

Whether you knew him well or not at all: We’re glad you’re joining us. 


Please email Jarett or call/text him at 605-941-4940 with any questions.